Kayplas was established by Haci Mustafa ÖZKAN and his sons in 1977 under trade name of Yeşilhisar Plastik Sanayi with barrel-drum production at 100 m2 land. After institutional name and structure was changed as Kayplas Ltd. Şti. in 1991, While our company was operating in food, detergent and nylon packaging sector by use of developing and changing technologies timely and conveniently in one hand, we started to produce plastic products for furniture sector first in 1988-1989.

Today, our company pioneered the use of plastic in furniture and subsidiary industry sector. Our product ranges are more than 500 products such as legs, brace clamp, protecting equipments and auxiliary items used in production of couch, sitting group, bed base and modular furniture.

R&D efforts and design studies receive required emphasis by molding room containing ten industrial machines and by prototyping defined as non-cast model development technology. Our company attaches significant importance to customer satisfaction as evidenced by production within scope of ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System and by principle of offering quality to customers against affordable prices.

Today, our company continues to be leader in its position, offering quality product and services with more than 170 employees, 65 manufacturing machines and totally 18000 m2 land in organized industrial zone including 8250 m2 closed area.